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  1. “Promoter” means __________________________.
  2. “Promotional competition” means _____________________________.
  3. “The prize” means _____________________________.
  4. “The participants” means a person who enters, competes in or is otherwise eligible to win a promotional competition.




  1. The prize consists of (the benefit or competition to which the offer relates) _____________________________, which includes _____________________________.


  1. How to take part in this competition (the steps required by the person to accept the offer or participate in the competition):


  • (insert: fill in steps here)


  • The basis on which the results of the competition will be determined __________________________.


  1. The promotional competition will run from ____________ to ___________. No late entries will be accepted.


  1. The final draw will happen on (insert: place, where, when?).


  1. The results will be posted on YouTube on _______________ (the medium by which the results will be made known).


  1. The winner must avail him/herself of the prize within _______________ of the draw.


  1. Any further information regarding this promotional competition and/or obtaining the rules of this competition may be obtained from _______________________.


  1. This promotional competition is being overseen by an independent attorney, namely, _____________________________.


  1. Any person who is a director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of the promoter or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the promoter or a supplier of goods or services in connection with this competition is excluded from participating in this promotional competition.


  1. This prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.



The sponsors and/or the promotors undertake to keep all information regarding the participant private and undertakes not to share, sell or distribute the aforesaid information with any other third party.


Dear Members

Schengen visas get extended processing times

Schengen visa high-season is back, resulting in a shortage of visa appointment availability and extended processing times.

Appointments are available at the Hungarian and Greek lodgement centres from the end of June, at the Dutch lodgement centres from the middle of June, and at the Polish lodgement centres from the beginning of July.

Processing times for Portuguese visas are being released a day prior to departure, while Spanish, Greek, Danish, German and Swiss visas are strictly 15 working days. Agents are advised to start applying up to three months prior to travel to avoid disappointment.