Our top 10 members have spent a combined amount of R253 272.84 since the purchase of their membership and have achieved a savings of R3 087 137.49. That is a whopping 1218% ROI IN 8 YEARS.


Our members are offered a complete range of travel including accommodation, cruises, car rentals, competitively priced flights, resort destinations, travel insurance, transfers and concierge services – all at a nett rate with no commission charged.



Our members enjoy access to discounted accommodation around the globe, cruises, flights, car hire and an assortment of travel services, including transfers and tours all at a nett rate with no service fees charged, to ensure that the money you save is put back in your pocket.

Personal Travel Assistant

Access to your own Personal Travel Assistant who will provide prompt and efficient service and information when doing your booking as well as customise it according to your specific needs and budget.


An after hours telephone number that can be used when you are on holiday and require assistance in an emergency.

Guided Tours

Immerse yourself in captivating destinations with carefully curated guided tours, offering enriching experiences and expert insights.

Guest certificates

Annual guest certificates which can be used for friends and family which means that they qualify for the same discounts that you receive.

Visa Assistance

Navigate the complexities of visa requirements with our guidance, ensuring a hassle-free visa application process. THERE ARE 106 VISA FREE COUNTRIES FOR SOUTH AFRICANS, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST.

Travel Insurance

GTA is in partnership with Bryte Travel Insurance to provide coverage for unexpected events that may occur while traveling. We offer a range of benefits, including coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss or delay, personal liability, and more.

Hassle-free Transfers

Enjoy seamless transfers from airports, hotels, and other destinations, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience.

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Festive Season 5 Travel Tips for a Joyful Journey!

1. Planning Makes Perfect:

Be flexible: Consider alternative travel dates and times to avoid the busiest periods and potentially secure lower fares.

Embrace the gift of technology: Utilize online platforms and mobile apps to manage your travel arrangements, track flights, and book activities on the go.

2. Pack Smart:

Travel light: Opt for carry-on luggage whenever possible to avoid baggage delays and navigate crowded airports with ease.

Plan for the unexpected: Pack essentials for unexpected delays.

3. Navigate the Hustle and Bustle:

Airports and popular destinations tend to be busier during the holidays. Allow ample time for check-in, security, and boarding.

Embrace public transportation: Utilize efficient and affordable public transport options to avoid traffic congestion and parking hassles.

Stay connected: Download local maps and offline translation apps to navigate unfamiliar destinations with ease.

4. Safety First:

Stay informed: Be aware of weather conditions and potential travel advisories before you embark on your journey.

Pack a first-aid kit: Be prepared for minor medical emergencies with a basic first-aid kit.

Be mindful of your belongings: Keep valuables close and be vigilant in crowded areas.

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