Amazing Unknown Travel Destinations to Adventure

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“All journeys have secret travel destinations of which the traveler is unaware” – Martin Buber.

This quote reminds us that there is more to traveling and adventuring than going from Point A to Point B. Travel is a fully immersive experience that demands seeing sights, learning the history and culture, and tasting the food. The best part of traveling often occurs when you’re wrapped up in your surroundings like a local, uncovering places unknown to the masses. That can make your trip all the more special.

Witnessing the unique beauty of a serene destination away from the hustle and bustle that we have become accustomed to in our day-to-day lives. The world is filled with unexplored destinations from remote islands, unknown deserts, and wild jungles all awaiting to be beholden by fresh eyes. We guarantee that even the most experienced travelers will want to check out these five destinations for their awe-struck delight.

For all of the true adventurers out there the Global Travel Alliance team has taken the liberty of compiling a list of the must-see unspoiled global treasures to inspire you and show you majestically diverse destinations of the world.

Disclaimer: All possible travelers are strongly advised to consult the relevant COVID-19 safety regulations and government restrictions before embarking on one of these destinations. Also, consult your doctor to ensure your health while traveling as well as considering your personal comfortability.

Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Esperance, Western Australia

1. Pink lakes, Western Australia

You might have come across this phenomenon before across the world in the form of the Pink Ocean in Lombok, Indonesia or the Dusty Rose Lake in Canada. Australia is known for having over 10 of these charming pink lakes and lagoons scattered across the continent. Popular examples of these pink bodies of water include Lake Hillier and Lake Bumbunga, Australia. The chemical reaction between the hot weather, algae and salt in the water combine to form a bubblegum pink lagoon worth putting on your bucket lis

Huacachina, Peru

2. Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is a small settlement in the southwestern desert of Peru which is surrounded by an oasis and palm trees. Aside from natural beauty, this destination offers sandboarding, dune buggy rides across the vast sand dunes or a Pedalo to boat around the oasis. Legend has it that a young woman named Huacay China wept uncontrollably after hearing the death of her warrior lover. After dropping a mirror in the place of their meeting, the legend says that she took the form of the lagoon. Huacay dived in and became a mermaid in the oasis.

Montreal Botanical Garden, Quebec, Canada

3. Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada

This is a must see for all nature-lovers to add to their bucketlist. The Montreal Botanical Garden, in Quebec is recognissed as one of the best botanical gardens in the world, and for good reason! This marvel exhibits extraordinary events, exhibitions and activities in this garden of colour and wonder throughout the year. It houses thousands of different plant species over hectares of land making it a beautiful plant museum or the perfect place if you are just looking for a breath of fresh air.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

4. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

This boutique hotel has more than just remarkable service, but some nosey visitors every morning too! Giraffe Manor is a historic manor turned boutique hotel that quite literally brings the safari experience to your doorstep. The hotel has it’s own resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes that poke their long necks through the windows every morning and evening. These gentle giants are incredibly friendly brunch guests hoping to score a treat from guests of the hotel. It is the perfect place to snap a cute and candid Instagram!

Psychedelic Salt Mines, Yekaterinburg, Russia

5. Psychedelic Salt Mines, Russia

This former salt mine is now one of the most mesmerising monuments of dizzying patterns and vibrant colour. This natural wonder is caused by the layers of mineral canallite causing long winding tunnels of surreal salt swirls. To potential travelers, it is important to know that this location requires a special government permit to allow access to visitors. After getting your permit make sure to grab some torches and a buddy to explore these long beaautiful caves for yourself for a groovy experience.

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