Warm holiday escapes from South Africa’s frosty winters

Couple water crafting on the Maldives waters

The icy winter season can be harsh for sun-seekers in South Africa. Why wake up to the miserable, damp mornings when you could be woken by the sounds of gentle waves crashing and sunshine softly caressing your face?

While travel is restricted in certain parts of the country under adjusted alert level four, there are many other countries delighted to welcome back leisure travel for South Africans. Several sunny holiday destinations are accepting South African at more affordable rates compared to pre-pandemic travel deals.

Our Global Travel Alliance team has compiled a list of inexpensive, international travel destinations to warm you up this winter.

Private villas in the Maldives

Melt in the Maldives

Are you in need of a relaxing holiday away from all of the stresses of everyday life? There’s no better way to unwind than on your dream island vacation in paradise. The Maldives have recently reopened to South Africans looking to visiting this picturesque location.

The Maldives do not require South Africans to quarantine upon arrival (after presenting a negative COVID-19 test), though travellers can remain safe by opting to participate in “vaccine tourism” as advertised by the islands. South Africans are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine while on holiday to have a truly stress-free experience.

Travellers can also expect to encounter much cheaper flights as Business Insider South Africa reported that flights to the Male cost on average “7.4% less than two years ago”. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or family vacation, the Maldives is the perfect place to visit. Our experienced Global Travel Alliance reservations department can create a tailor-made travel package for you that is in-line with your favourite activities and budget – ranging up to 45% off!

The perfect time to go is between November to April. Though if traveling in the July to August months, it is best to still pack sunscreen and a bikini as temperatures are pleasant all year round.

The turquoise beaches with boats bobbing above the waters in the Zanzibar

Get zealous about visiting Zanzibar

If you are looking for a diver’s paradise, romantic dinners on beautiful beaches or year-round amazing weather, then look no further than Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a series of idyllic islands in Tanzania often referred to as the “Spice Island” which is perfect for couples to sink their teeth into. Zanzibar offers fresh seafood, close proximity to safari sites and a diverse hodgepodge of cultures scattered in numerous tiny islands just waiting for you to explore them.  

The islands are incredibly accessible through direct flights to and from South Africa and the islands not requiring a visa to visit them. To make travelling even simpler, on top of these benefits, our dedicated Global Travel Alliance team works tirelessly to ensure that our members receive the best deals on accommodation, packages, and all travel related products.

Better start booking flights soon as the ideal time to travel to Zanzibar is between July to September. The dry season is a popular time to holiday on the islands as it allows for adventures in the bush or on the beach to suit the entire family’s taste.

Elephants spotted on a road trip to Namibia

Nestle together with a partner in Namibia

Find yourself in Namibia. This desolate yet beautiful landscape is an amazing landscape for soul searching while being at one with nature. Namibia is a country filled with unique charm. There is so much to do in this vast terrain that this country should surely be on the bucket list for many South Africans.

Namibia is action packed for all adventure junkies or families looking to fill up their holiday itineraries. Enjoy everything from quad biking on sand dunes to fishing along the coast to collecting precious gems scattered along desert roads. There is no shortage of things to discover in Namibia.

One massive pro concerning Namibia is that it is growing in popularity while being more affordable than ever. According to IOL news, Namibia “is around 16% cheaper than the price of flights in 2019”. For those who are not yet comfortable climbing aboard a plane, you could refer to our previous blog on safely self-driving to Namibia.

So, what are you waiting for?

Allow our experienced reservations team at Global Travel Alliance to help you find accommodation in these countries. Contact us today for advice, travel specials and peace of mind when making a booking. All that will be left for you to do is pack your bags!

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