Frequently asked Questions

“Our top 10 Members have spent a combined amount of R253 272.84 on their membership fees and have achieved a whopping savings of R3 087 137.49 since they purchased their membership.”

1218% ROI IN 8 YEARS

  • What have I bought? 
  • You have bought a membership into GTASA, the largest discount travel club that offers a personalized travel service at wholesale rates.  A one-stop-shop for all your travel needs where your primary benefit is discounted accommodation from our preferred list of suppliers. 
  •  Exclusivity! Only our members have access to a website that is regularly improved and updated. 
  • GTASA has built relationships with leading accommodation suppliers in South Africa and abroad to provide our members with reduced rates at hundreds of top establishments. We offer our members a range of travel products such as accommodation, cruises, car rental, competitively priced flights, resort destinations, travel insurance, transfers and concierge services.  GTASA offers all of these benefits at a nett rate with no additional costs!  


  • Can you show me something tangible? 
  • GTASA is a service provider, and the benefits lie in the usage thereof and the excellent service delivered to our members. Members receive a Membership Certificate detailing their ownership. They receive exciting and tangible rewards when travelling, and if members obtain a cheaper quote elsewhere, GTASA will endeavour to beat the price.  Just send us your quote! We believe that time spent on family holidays is priceless and provides a lifetime of memories.    


  • What do I need to do if I want to become a member of the Global Travel Alliance? 
  • People who are keen to become members should contact us at or call us on +27 021 833 7200. Please provide your name, surname, email address and mobile contact numberA staff member will be in contact. 


  • Why have we only been recently contacted by your company? 
  • We have taken the time to listen to our member’s needs. We run competitions, provide newsletters, announce specials, provide the Avis Online Reservation System, say hello on your birthday, and promote specials on cruises and new products 


  • Why don’t we receive regular invoices/statements from your company? 
  • GTASA does not send out monthly statements, but should a member request an updated financial statement, our staff will gladly send one out. 


  • How do I resell my membership? 
  • GTASA previously advertised on Gumtree and ran competitions called “Refer a Friend” in our members‘ magazine. We are now calling on our members to help resell their memberships to speed up the process. We help members as much as possible by providing the wording for an advert and arming the member with tools to incentivise a potential buyer. GTASA will facilitate the whole transfer process and, if necessary,  provide product knowledge. transfer fee is payable to GTASA for this process. 


  • We have been on the system for a while – so why have our points not been rented? 
  • GTASA has never guaranteed to rent out members holiday points. Of late, we have been frustrated by the Holiday Points Club and other clubs who will not allow GTASA to make the necessary bookings on behalf of their members and thus have not made it easy for GTASA to assist our members in this regard. 


  • How do I make a booking? 
  • To make a booking complete a Booking Request Form available on our website: Alternatively, email enquiries to or contact us on 021 8337100 and ask for Reservations. Our friendly travel agent will contact you immediately.  


  • Poor service delivery  No discounts – Cheaper accommodation quoted elsewhere. 
  • We have built relationships with leading accommodation suppliers locally and internationally to provide our members with  
  • the very best wholesale rates. GTASA offers net prices on travel products such as resort and bed and breakfast accommodation, cruises, car rental, competitively priced flights, safari destinations, visas, travel insurance, transfers and concierge services. We do not charge service or management fees. 
  •  Members should be aware that when booking onlinethere are many hidden costs.  
  • GTASA does not harbour any hidden costs as they cut out the middle man.   


  • Why should I pay GTASA to book my holidays if I can book online? 

GTASA always provides updated, relevant travel information to our members. Members are encouraged to weigh up the pros and cons of online bookings.             

  • Booking online appears simple, but one needs to be wary of websites that offer deals that sound too good to be true. During peak holiday seasons, fraudulent booking sites are more prevalent. 
  • Members should remember that there is no such thing as ‘something for free. The cost of ‘free items’  is usually built into the final price.  
  • A common complaint is that what is promised is not always delivered. 
  • An example is a website that misleads visitors regarding a hotel’s location and implies it is near the beach when it is not.  
  • Members have to protect themselves and do due diligence by checking the background of the companies offering specials. 
  • Booking online can leave one open to identity theft. 
  • Travellers could be out of pocket if they wish to cancel, as cancellation fees could end up costing as much as the entire holiday cost. 
  • About 46.3% of travel fraud victims report that they only discovered the scam once they arrived at their holiday destination. Their booking was either invalid or did not exist.  
  • Eliminate online travel horror stories by booking with Global Travel Alliance. It is safe and eliminates online risks.  
  • GTASA prides itself on all the encouraging and endearing compliments received from those members who have had and continue to have excellent and positive holiday experiences with us. Members are encouraged to read these testimonials on our website, Select ‘Useful Information’ and then scroll down to ‘Testimonials‘.  


  • GTASA have done nothing for me. I have attempted to utilise your services but have received no benefits. 
  • We would be failing in our duty if we did not express our concern regarding such comments. GTASA takes negative feedback seriously and addresses member concerns immediately. We encourage our members to read our newsletters and keep up to date with the exciting specials promoted on our website.  
  • Please email your concerns to us and provide details and dates so our team can quickly investigate and resolve the matter. Send your information to  
  • GTASA is committed to attending to every enquiry, complaint or request for further information. GTASA prides itself in delivering superior service. Our membership currently offers an unparalleled level of service and benefits that has fuelled our growth and success. 


  • Why do I have to pay my Annual Affiliation Fee iI have no intention of using my membership this year and only intend to use it next year? Can I pay my Affiliation Fee next year only? 


  • Because it is the lifeforce of the Company, it covers service delivery,  improvements to infrastructures and a staff contingent of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals. Infrastructures that include the regular update of sophisticated website, periodic site visits to local holiday destinations, administrations plus the maintenance of tools of the trade (PC’s Printers etc) and ongoing training for staff. 


  • The Affiliation Fee is payable annually and is the financial contribution made by all members for their entire duration. The Fee ensures that our service delivery is continuously updated and provides our valued members with their exclusive benefits. 


  • The paying of Affiliation Fees is a continuing investment in the membership with GTA. 


  • Kindly also note that Members may use their memberships as many times as they wish – there are no restrictions on the number of bookings made during an entire year. 



  • Please note that members ‘Rights of Use’ will be temporarily suspended until all outstanding fees are paid and up to date.  


  • Can you explain the complaints on Hello Peter? 
  • Like many other companies, we have occasionally received complaints on sites like Hello Peter. Whether the criticism is warranted or not on social forums, GTASA responds directly and immediately attempts to rectify issues. Many companies ignore complaints and although everyone has the right to use pressure forums, it does not mean they are always correct in their assertions.   
  • GTASA prides itself in delivering superior service. Our membership currently offers an unparalleled level of service and benefits that has fuelled our growth and success. 


  • Guest Certificates. 
  • Virtual Guest Certificates are allocated annually for the duration of your membership. 
  • Members do not physically receive these, but if they want to issue a certificate to their children, family members or friends, provision has been made for these on our reservation systemTo order a certificate, please contact our Reservations Department on 021 8337100. 
  • Recipients of the virtual Guests Certificates must provide the Principal Members details, i.e., Membership Number, ID Number, telephone numbers and address. 


  • Deceased Estates 
  • When a member passes on, the spouse must contact GTASA at and forward all the necessary documentation confirming the deceased’s death. Please provide copies of their Last Will and Testament, marriage certificate and death certificate. Provide contact details of the Executor attending to the deceased estate 


  • Why can you not give me discounts on flights? 
  • We do not offer discounts on flights; however, we source the most competitive rate of the day. We also have access to negotiated private fares via our preferred ticketing supplier. 


  • Does GTASA process visa applications? 
  • No – we refer our members to Visa Box, our preferred supplier who offers a negotiated rate exclusively for our members. 


  • What is the Payment Policy for booking a holiday? 
  • We accept EFT and credit cards such as Diners Card, Visa and Mastercards.  
  • As soon as payment is received, reservations are confirmed.  


  • Does GTASA accept deposit payments? 
  • Yes, we do. However, this depends on the booking policy of the supplier. It is possible to make a deposit and pay the balance within the agreed settlement time!  
  • Members must pay airfares in full upon confirmation! 


  • When is the best time to book? 
  • It is advisable to book as early as possible to ensure that we can negotiate the most competitive price and best availability. 
  • When can I, as a member, get the best value for money? 
  • The most cost-efficient and best value for money can be achieved when travelling in low season and not in school or public/religious holidays. 


  • Why is there sometimes no discount on accommodation? 
  • GTASA deals with preferred suppliers, establishments and hotel chains. However, certain establishments such as bed and breakfast guesthouses and private establishments do not offer any discount or commission to the Travel Industry! 


  • Does GTASA offer car rental? 
  • Yes! We have agreements with preferred car rental suppliers like Avis, Tempest, Auto Europe and Holiday Autos! 


  • Does GTASA offer travel insurance? 
  • We are not an insurance provider, but we coordinate and assist our members in purchasing well-priced travel insurance through reputable companies.


Below are important numbers you might need, should you be:

  • Experiencing any symptoms.
  • Want to receive accurate, up-to-date information on the disease.
  • Need assistance or need to report an incident.

National Institute for Communicable Diseases – 0800 029 999
WhatsApp – 060 012 3456
National Crisis Line – 0861 322 322
South African Police Service – 08600 10111
Department of Home Affairs – 0800 601 190
Gender-based violence command center – 0800 428 428 or *120*7867# (free)
Department of Water Affairs – 0800 200 200
Support to SMMEs in distress – 0860 663 7867
Department of Tourism – 0860 868 747
Presidential Hotline – 17737
Nationwide Emergency Response – 10111

Dial the telephone number 10111 from anywhere in South Africa and a call center operator will answer the incoming call, take all necessary particulars and assign the complaint to a Flying Squad patrol vehicle, or the local police station, to attend the incident.

Cell phone emergency – 112

Call 112 from any cell phone in South Africa. You will then reach a call center and they will route you to an emergency service closest to you.
When you dial this number, you will reach an automated menu. Don’t let this frustrate you. The menu acts as a form of triage (priority of treatment) control and filters out abuse of the medical and emergency system.

Ambulance – 10177