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What have I bought?

  • Membership to a member based company who will act as your traditional travel agent. 
  • A one stop shop for all your travel needs where your primary benefit is discounted accommodation from our preferred list of suppliers.
  • Exclusivity where only members have access to a website that is continuously enhanced and updated.
  • GTASA has built relationships with leading accommodation suppliers in South Africa and abroad to give our members reduced rates at hundreds of top establishments.
  • Our members are offered a range of travel products such as accommodation, cruises, car rental, competitively priced flights, resort destinations, travel insurance, transfers and concierge services.  All this at a nett rate with no additional costs!

Can you show me something tangible?

  • GTASA is a service provider, the benefit lies in the usage thereof and while we cannot provide you with anything tangible, we do believe that one cannot put a price on quality family holiday time which provides memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Family time is priceless and keep in mind that should you obtain a quotation from another source which is cheaper than that of GTASA, we will do our best to procure a better price for you.  In this case, please send us a copy of the quotation that you received.

Why have we been recently contacted by your company?

  • We have taken the time to listen to the needs of our members and have established exactly what they want. Hence our competitions, newsletters, specials, Avis Online Reservation System, birthday messages, specials on cruises, new products and new agreements to make use of.

Why don’t we receive regular invoices/statements from your company?

  • As a rule GTASA does not send out monthly statements but it will be sent upon request.

How do I make a booking?

  • Bookings may be done online by completing a Booking Request Form available at Global Travel Alliance SA website:, or you can email Reservations with you requirements at, or you may contact us by telephone on 021 8337100 and ask for Reservations, upon which an attentive and qualified travel consultant will attend to all your booking requirements..

Affordability – Member cannot afford

  • We offer a downgrade option to smaller Term Packages or a Revised Payment Plan. Members are made aware of the benefits of both ie. they can still continue using their membership.  A member also has the option to freeze their account so that they can have time to review their financial situation.

Why should I pay you to book my holidays if I can do my own bookings online?

  • In the travel industry, there are no guarantees.  This is why GTASA has on file Preferred Suppliers e.g., Holiday Factory, Protea Hotels, MSC Cruises, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, African Encounters, Tempest Care Hire to name just a few with who we have negotiated better rates. If our members choose to use them there will be a definite savings as we will at all times endeavour to source the best possible rate for our members.  This however does not include online bookings via the internet, pensioners’ rates and other travel entity rates which cannot be used in conjunction with the specials and discounts sourced by ourselves.
  • Members should be informed that there are a lot of hidden costs when booking online and prices quoted by these online suppliers include all their costs.
  • GTASA does not have any hidden costs and cuts out the middleman and has a cancellation policy when cancelling a reservation.

Why do I have to pay an Annual Affiliation fee?

  • The Annual Affiliation fee is payable and is the financial contribution made by all members for the full duration of their membership term.  This ensures that our service delivery is continuously updated and provided for the complete benefit of our valued members.
  • Members can choose between monthly or annual payments by contacting (SA) (NAM) in this regard.
  • Please note that members with outstanding affiliation fees “rights of use” will be temporarily surrendered and will only be reactivated when all outstanding fees are paid up and up to-date.

Guest Certificates

  • Guest Certificates are “virtual” and are allocated on an annual basis for the duration of your membership years.
  • Members do not physically receive these but in the event that you want to issue a certificate for your children, family members or friends, provision has been made for these on our reservation system. All you have to do is contact our Reservations Department on the following number 021 8337100.
  • Recipients of these “virtual guests’ certificates” must be in possession of the Principal Members details, i.e., membership number, ID number, contact telephone numbers and address details.

The Reservations Team

Does GTASA offer discounts on flights?

No – GTASA offers the most competitive airfare available at the time of the request and we also have access to private and negotiated fares not generally accessible to the general public!

Does GTASA do visa applications?

No – we refer our members to MDS Visapak, our preferred supplier.

What is the Payment Policy?

We accept EFT payments as well as credit card payments, Diner’s, Visa and Mastercards.

No reservation is confirmed until payment has been received in our bank account!

Does GTASA accept deposit payments?

This depends on the supplier’s Terms and Conditions; it is generally possible to make a deposit payment and pay the balance within the agreed settlement time.

All airfares must be paid in full on confirmation of a booking.

When is the best time to book?

It is advisable to book as far in advance as possible to ensure we are able to negotiate the most competitive pricing as well as availability.

When can I as a member get best value for money?

The most cost efficient and best value for money can be achieved when travelling in low season and not in school or public/religious holidays.

Why is there at times no discount on accommodation?

GTASA deals with preferred suppliers, establishments and hotel chains, however there are certain establishments such as bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and private establishments that do not offer any discount or commission to the travel industry.

Does GTASA offer car rental?

Yes – We have preferred agreements with various car rental suppliers including Tempest, Auto Europe and Holiday Autos & Avis.

Does GTASA offer Travel Insurance?

Yes – we co-ordinate and assist our members with a reputable travel insurance company.