The Global Travel Alliance Story: Part One

Most great adventures begin with an underdog pioneering their way through a challenging landscape, and this is our GTASA story.

The year was 2009, and as directors of GTASA, we were acutely aware of the dilemma in the travel industry. It became evident that too many intermediaries were involved in the industry, which raised travel costs for consumers.

So as the initial pioneers, we decided to put our heads together, team up, and combine our marketing and travel expertise to become the GTASA ‘Dream Team’. Together we founded the company, and its mission was to disrupt the status quo of the travel industry and provide customers with #MoreForLess.

We created a membership-based travel agency that supplied various travel services to its members at unbeatable industry cost rates. Working closely with our affiliated suppliers, we provided superior customer service, exclusive luxury accommodation at cost prices.

Over the past 12 years, GTA has reached extraordinary levels of success by launching a Namibian branch (GTANAM) in 2018 and being nominated as finalists in the World Travel Awards 2021. Our membership-based travel business model has grown exponentially to 60 000 members who use our GTA travel products. Our top 10 members alone have saved a combined amount of R3 087 137.49 since purchasing their membership.

The initial challenges caused by disrupting the industry inspired fleetfooted management from the GTA team to respond to any issue timeously, professionally, and with the customer’s best interests in mind. This has reflected in the popularity and success of our products completely surpassing our initial expectations of redefining an outdated and overpriced system.

The climate of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to launch our brand-new revolutionary product. While international travelling has subsided in the past year, GTA has used the time to put our latest travel products in motion to allow customers to #LiveYourBestLife.

Travelling in 2021 has had a unique array of problems. However, we have found a way to circumvent paying for travel by travelling for free with our new ‘Network Business Opportunity’ (NBO).

No matter what challenges arise, we at GTASA are committed to analyzing travel trends, creating innovative products and developing opportunities to save our members money without compromising value. We are committed to living up to our promise of providing #MoreForLess to our customers.

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