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Due to accommodation and travel suppliers altering their cancellation and refund policies due to the COVID pandemic, these updates are not always sent through to Global Travel Alliance (GTA).  It is impossible for GTA to check on all these websites and therefore we advise the following:

  • Please limit your international travel where possible for now. 
  • We advise that going forward you could lose/forfeit your monies paid for travel or a voucher will be given to you to utilise at a possible inconvenient time for you.
  • We would suggest that any accommodation booked, please check the suppliers website for any changes.
  • GTA will do our utmost best to protect our members interests and we advise members to follow our advice as GTA cannot take responsibility for third parties actions during these uncertain times.
  • We would also advise that you enquire about relevant Travel Insurance with our Reservations Department.
  • The position is currently fluid and we will update you when we have new information.

As promised the new website has been launched and new stock is being uploaded for Phase 1, Phase 2 will occur in January 2022.

Please read our story here for more information:

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