As school holidays approach in Namibia, you might be questioning what to do with your energetic children. Well, look no further than Namibia as a desert destination with so much to offer the entire family. This unique location is a cornucopia of experiences rich in nature, culture and adventure.

Read on to find out why your children will love these family-friendly activities.

Here's our list of activities that your family will enjoy these mid-year holidays in Namibia:

Dune 45 Sossusvlei, Namibia

1. Dune 45, Sossusvlei

Grab the family and climb up the impressive ‘Dune 45’ in the Namib Desert. While this isn’t Namibia’s highest dune, it is famous for its trek up the 80-meter dune to witness the glowing sunset across Namibia’s landscape.

August offers an ideal exploring climate conducive to climbing the dunes of Sossusvlei. Experiencing the sunset from the top of the dune is worth the climb to appreciate the burnt orange and red painted sky fully. It makes for an excellent setting for the perfect family photo.

Sunrise at Fish River Canyon

2. Visit Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is a world-class site that will impress the entire family. Soak in the views from the rim of the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon in the USA. Until September, the canyon boasts a challenging hiking trail for anyone up to the adventure. It can take up to four to five days to hike and includes descending into the majestic canyon itself.

While this may not be an adventure for younger children, plenty more practical activities are available in the region. Take your pick of walking through the unique Quivertree Forest or canoe down the scenic Orange River.

Elephants crossing the road at Etosha National Park

3. See the wildlife at Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is the place to be for adventurous wildlife enthusiasts. Inside the park, you can expect to get up close and personal with the Big Five. From the campgrounds, you will be able to watch animals at their watering holes throughout the day.

Most lodges in the area offer guided game tours which make for easy game viewing with the family. When spotting our unique African animals, be sure to pick up maps at the entry gate shops, which include fun games and checklists!

Family stargazing at a campsite in Spitzkoppe

4. Camp in Spitzkoppe

After a long day of hiking and exploring around the Spitzkoppe area, gather the family around a campfire and braai under the African sky. A fantastic way to end the day. Once the sun has set, expect to have the sky lit up by the stars dancing across the clear and bright Milky Way. Share stories of the constellations with your children while soaking up the warmth from the glowing campfire.

When day breaks, be sure to embrace the beauty of the weird and wonderful rock formations that hiker and rock climbers call ‘paradise’.

Quad biker on the dunes of Swakopmund

5. Quadbike in Swakopmund

Adults and older children would enjoy experiencing Swakopmund on quad bikes! It is an exciting way to take in the expansive landscape of towering dunes. For a more scenic or eco-friendly option, you could opt to take in the view via bicycle on a guided tour.

This coastal retreat also offers aquatic wildlife, including viewing the seals at Pelican Point or spotting dolphins and flamingos from a catamaran. Seeing these aquatic treasures are a highly recommended ‘bucket list’ item to add to your Namibian itinerary.

For more information on how to get to Namibia, be sure to check out our previous Namibian travel blog: The Ultimate Namibian Self-Drive Adventure. Contact our experienced reservations department for details and deals on accommodation and travel packages around these areas.

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