The GTA Story: Part Two

Previously, we told you how we burst into the travel industry by breaking all its rules. We promised to reduce costs by cutting out unnecessary intermediaries with unnecessary commissions burdening you, the consumer. We stuck to our promise. Want proof? – ask our 60 000-strong membership. Their testimonies of safe, luxury travel at affordable prices fuel our success and desire to bring you, our client, the best deals possible. In the next couple of blog posts, we’ll share some of their stories. But for now, we can let you in on our little secret: our top ten members, who have over the years spent a combined amount of R253 272.84 on their membership fees with us, have amassed massive savings amounting to R3 087 137.49!

These savings, however, do not materialise out of thin air. They are a part of GTA’s comprehensive services. From planning and booking accommodation to getting picked up and returned to the airport at a small extra cost – GTA ensures that your travels happen seamlessly, safely and affordably. Members enjoy the benefits of quality accommodation and other miscellaneous travel services at ‘nett rate’ – the price offerings without a commission. This includes massively discounted rates on cruises, preferential agreements on car hire, and travel insurance year-round. Our expansive range of travel products cover most of your travel needs, and our members can also utilise self-catering timeshare units through us, usually cheaper than timeshare owners pay themselves.

In times past, our expansive offerings also included the additional benefit of discounted flights. However, airline business models evolved, and started offering discounted prices online directly to the public, eliminating any commission to travel agents. This eliminated our discounts. But even so, we felt it was crucial to keep our promise to our members. Instead, we used this as an opportunity to do what we do best: adapt, innovate and improve, and offered no administration fees for flight bookings, which all other travel agencies charge.

That is not to suggest that at GTA we were not hard at work to make those bookings and travel arrangements a luxurious, if affordable, affair. Because of our unique member-based system, we at GTA pride ourselves in the personal relationship we cultivate with our members. Our travel consultants work as your Personal Travel Assistants (PTA) to offer you personalized services through our direct line. As a GTA member, you can expect to receive bespoke itineraries designed around your specific travel needs. To ensure the holiday of your dreams, your PTA is on call for any booking requests, advice, or travel-related inquiries.

Further, your safety when traveling is the paramount concern to us at GTA. Our PTAs have your best interest at heart, especially during these tumultuous and uncertain times. While they are on holiday, we offer our members emergency after-hours service in the evenings and on weekends and use our Customer Relationship Management database to store and manage your personal and contact details. It is not only essential to us that we send you on a fantastic holiday, but that we bring you and your families home safely.

But what would a holiday be like without the company of your loved ones? At GTA, we care for you, your family and friends, and they could receive the same benefits and discounts as the principal GTA member by using the annual ‘Guest Certificates’. Members of GTA are issued a specific amount of Guest Certificates, dependent on the package purchased. Once a year, these certificates may be redeemed as the ideal gift to pass on to your loved ones to use for wedding presents, family holidays, or to allow them to follow their wanderlust, much like GTA members have the privilege of doing. This works in tandem with our Guaranteed Savings Principle, which allows for our members to upgrade a 2–3 star holiday to a 4-5 star holiday by using their original travel budget.

Many of these perks are achieved by utilising our extensive databases and QuickTrav system, which stores and retrieves your personal and contact information, including your travel history booked through GTA. The Quicktrav system allows PTAs to show you exactly where and how much money you have saved using our services, thus maximising your experience by guiding you to make significant savings in the future when using our products. We are committed to providing our globetrotting members with nothing but the best wherever they go!

If you thought we were just another travel agency, think again. We are the largest travel club in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere, and our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest quality service from our preferred suppliers. Members earn #MoreForLess when they allow us to guide them effortlessly on the holiday of their dreams. Soon there will be nothing to worry about except which bikini and sunglasses to pack for your trip!

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