10 Memorable Things To Do In Namibia

Namibia is situated in the southwest region of Africa. it is home to a vast amount of Wildlife including over a thousand adventurous cheetahs. In addition to this Namibia as a small population of two million people living in the country. Its population may be small but Namibia offers an array of adventures such as historical landmarks, mountaintops, dunes and picture prefect nature reserves. It is a destination that is ideal for couples, young families and friends to enjoy endless adventures that is worthy to be on your bucket list.

1. Dune 45

Namibia offers endless sand-dunes including one of the most prominent dunes called Dune 45. This dune is located in the Namibia desert and contains half a decades years old sand particles. The Dune stretches out for miles and it’s more than 80 meters tall. Visitors can enjoy a walk before dawn to watch the sunrise from the top.

2. Spitzkoppe

The Spitzkoppe mountain range is multidimensional as it contains massive peaks scattered throughout the Namibian grounds. It is located about 200km away from the capital city of Windhoek.

3. Cheetah Rescue

Unfortunately, Wild Cheetahs are becoming vulnerable to hunters. As a result of groups such as cheetah, the rescue has created plans to keep cheetahs safe.
A small portion of Wild Cheetahs still exists which you can visit at organisations such as Cheetah Rescue.

4. Fish River Canyon

This Canyon is the largest in African and takes second place on the list after the Grand Canyon. The Fish River Canyon is located in the south of Namibia. The best part about visiting the canyon is that you do not need to be a hiking fanatic to experience its breath-taking views.

5. Lemon Tree

Besides spending time in the wild, Windhoek ensures its visitors refuel during the visit. The lemon tree is a restaurant located in Windhoek with a variety of foods and drinks.

6. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

This ghost town is located in the southern part of Namibia surrounded by sands and history, local craft and guided tours.

7. Damara Living Museum

Located in Damaraland, experience a traditional culture like no other. These mainlands belong to the indigenous people. Visit this living museum that is rich in tradition, history and culture from the people of Damara.

8. Cape Cross

Namibia coastlines are just as majestic as its mountain ranges and sand dunes. The cape cross provides a safety net for sea animals such as cape fur seals and other sea creatures.

9. Walvis Bay

The Walvis Bay Waterfront offers locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy a stroll, jog or walk whilst enjoying the sea views and canoes on the water.

10. Namibian Craft Center

This Namibian base market has existed around for over ten years. It is a space that offers local products such as hand-made jewels, accessories and arts and crafts.

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