Winter Weekenders South Africa

Local Escapes for Off Season Travel. 

In the travel industry winter is usually considered the “off season”. Off season travel comes with its own set of unique benefits including avoiding the crowds, cheaper prices and being out of the summer heat making the perfect conditions for spending time out and about in the great outdoors. Winter is a great time to holiday. So what could a winter holiday in South Africa have in store?

Take a Cape Town Staycation

Cape Town is filled with unique tourist experiences that most locals don’t experience due to the thick crowds that flock to the city. In the winter months it becomes easier to explore the cosmopolitan landscape. There are many boutique stores at the V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk Shopping Centre to keep you busy indoors.

For those looking to be outdoors or keen to experience a short road trip, we firmly recommend going to along the False Bay coast to Simons Town or Hermanus. July to September is the peak calving season for whales where you will have a guaranteed opportunity to spot these gentle giants up close on a boat or from the coastlines.

Technically speaking, there is no best time to safari. South Africa is blessed with offering a wide variety of wildlife viewings during peak and off seasons. July is a month of particular interest for wildlife lovers and often regarded as safari peak season. It is best to book well in advance for a safari adventure as finding accommodation or tours during the peak season can be a nightmare if left too late. The wet months also allow for birdwatching opportunities because it’s when nesting or breeding takes place. Migrant bird species also flock to game reserves making this ideal for birdwatchers.

The peak safari season falling during South Africa’s wet season perfectly coincides with South Africa’s school holiday season. Make an event of it by taking the entire family with you. To further secure your safety during these COVID-19 times and to make the trip more personal, take a self-drive safari trip. Everyone will be able to see the big five on your own time and in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Keep it cool in the South Coast of Durban

KwaZulu-Natal is an ideal winter destination in South Africa, the tropical climate is the perfect place to spend the chilly season. During the winter months the Durban heat and humidity subside and are replaced with more pleasant, mild days that are still comfortably warm in comparison to stormy Johannesburg or icy Sutherland holidays.

The temperatures may sometimes even rise just enough for you to head to the beach and take a quick dip in the Indian Ocean – if you are brave enough! The South Coast has an abundance of resorts complimented by gorgeous beaches. Experience the spicy culture and usual scenic Durban charm, but without all of the crowds – yes please!

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